What is RVC

RVC stands for “Remote Video Capture”. It is a campus-wide lecture capturing service by MTPC (former PTC) since 2006. RVC is a 100% HKUST home-grown system and service developed by MTPC to cater for the specific needs of HKUST. Average 200 faculty and instructors teaching around 350 courses used RVC in each semester. With more than 4,000 RVC videos are produced every semester, it is the largest scale and most popular lecture capturing service among Hong Kong’s universities.



RVC is a free service that enables faculty to videotape ALL their lectures in a semester, and students to review their lectures at anytime and anywhere. RVC captures the video of the instructor, whiteboard, computer screen, and the sound tracks by devices pre-installed in the classroom. The captured files are then synchronized to produce lecture videos and uploaded online for students’ access. Unlike other off-the-shelf lecture-capturing solutions, no hardware or software setup, and no training is required from the faculty.

Faculty members who use RVC have found the service to be:

  • Highly useful for large and make-up classes;
  • Suitable for recording guest lectures to share with other classes;
  • Effective for developing teaching skills and self-evaluation;
  • An easy way to share ideas with a co-instructor or peer.

RVC enables students to:

  • Review lectures at their own pace and discuss with other students during their review;
  • Interact with their teacher and provide feedback through email after the review;
  • Revise for examinations from the full lecture, not only notes.


Other Applications of RVC

RVC facilities are available in 100 HKUST venues. Besides lecture recording, it is widely adopted for recording conferences, seminars, forums and events. It can also be used for recording students' presentation, language classes, career talks and even rehearsal for thesis presentation. Simply issue a MTPC work request for RVC production and the videos will be available online for download within a 3 working days. RVC video sharing through HKUST Video Channel will also enjoy a 50% discounted service rate.