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“RVC feed” for Zoom Classes

Instead of showing their talking head during live Zoom classes, instructors can now use “RVC feed” to share their teaching in RVC venues to their online students.

“RVC-feed” is the video signal of RVC camera that capture the presentation of the instructor with pen-tilt-zoom during a live class. It is ideal for instructors who want to teach like face-to-face or use whiteboard during a Zoom class.

Simply book a RVC venue and access http://rvcfeed.ust.hk to try this free service by MTPC.

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Remote Video Capture Fall 2020

As live interactive online classes will be adopted starting Feb 19, Remote Video Capture services will only be offered for producing pre-class materials during Spring 2020. Feel free to contact us if you wish to book RVC for preparing your blended learning courses.

myRVC Web App

myRVC is newly developed by MTPC's RVC team. It is a web app optimized for mobile phones which enables users to check real-time status of their RVC recording anytime and anywhere. The status reflects the flow of RVC: 1. “Scheduled”; 2. “Recording”; 3. “Processing”; 4. “Viewable” or 5. “Cancelled”. Users can confirm video capturing if status is “Recording” or view their videos directly via the web app if the status is “Viewable”. Simply access “myrvc.ust.hk” to keep track of your RVC status.

HD-RVC Upgrade

All lecture theaters in main campus, including LT-A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J & L, are NOW upgraded to "High-definition RVC" (HD-RVC). More large classrooms will be equipped with HD-RVC in 2020.

With 1980 x 1080 resolution and 48kHz/128kbits audio quality, HD-RVC videos are fit for further editing to create MOOCs or blended learning courses. New features will include customized course video template, PowerPoint text mining, auto-captioning, in-video search and inline quiz.

Free HD-RVC video chunking into segments (8-15 min) is also available. Please contact us if you wish to explore other HD-RVC features for your innovative pedagogy.

Fixed Chroma Key for Lecture Videos

Besides using RVC/HD-RVC to record live classes, instructors can produce lecture videos using MTPC's fixed chroma key setup at Rm5061A in SBM Building and Rm1030C in MTPC. We will offer training to your TA to operate the equipment. Simply contact us to book a time to produce your lecture videos