RVC Services

RVC services are free for all HKUST UGC-funded classes conducted in RVC venues. For self-financed courses or other usages, fees are available at MTPC Price List;

All faculty/instructors will be email-invited by MTPC to use RVC service at the beginning of Spring/Fall semester. They can simply reply to use the service and teach without any preparation. MTPC will take care the production and logistics of uploading videos;

Faculty/instructors who are not teaching in RVC venue but want to use RVC can contact ARO to change their venue. They should opt for a RVC venue if they wish to use RVC in the next semester;

Courses that release videos to students will be videotaped throughout the whole semester. Courses that DO NOT release videos to students will be videotaped the first three sessions;

For co-teaching courses, a contact person to whom all video URLs will be sent should be assigned;

URL of RVC-video will be emailed to faculty/instructor within 3 working days after the lecture. MTPC can also help post the RVC-videos on Canvas upon the faculty’s request;

RVC can also be used in videotaping for guest lectures, workshops, seminars and event, career and recruitment talks. Videos shared through "HKUST Video Channel" can also enjoy a discount;

All RVC videos are viewable in smartphone (iOS/Android), tablets, Mac or PCs. Real time statistics of video-view by students are also available after the semester.

HD-RVC Services

HD-RVC stands for High-definition Remote Video Capture. It is available at LT-A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K and L. With a higher production standard, HD-RVC videos are also fit for editing to create MOOC courses or blended learning content. The following table illustrates RVC and HD-RVC configurations.

Specifications RVC HD-RVC
Video -   Two SD camera sources
-   Projection signal captured in 720 x 576 resolution
-   Two HD camera sources
-   Projection signal captured in 1920 x 1080 native resolution
Audio -   Classroom audio/mic plus 2 ceiling mics sources
-   Audio captured in 16kHz/64kbits
-   Classroom audio/mic plus 2 ceiling mics sources
-   Audio captured in 48kHz/128kbits high fidelity quality
Layout -   Standard RVC video layout


-   Customizable course templates upon request
Video Editing -   Opening and closing frames -   Opening and closing frames
-   Video chunking into 8-15 min segment upon request
-   Support extra post editing requirements
Advanced Feature
(coming soon)
  -   PowerPoint text mining
-   Auto-captioning
-   In-video search
-   Inline multiple choice quiz
Turnaround Time -   Within 3 working days -   Within 3 working days
-   Depends on extra requirements

RVC Venues

All Lecture Theaters (LT-A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K and L with High-Definition video);

Classroom: Rm 1103, 1104, 1409, 1410, 2127A, 2127B, 2127C, 2128A, 2128B, 2128C, 2302, 2303, 2304, 2306, 2404, 2405, 2406, 2407, 2464, 2465, 2502, 2503, 2504, 2590, 3019A, 4334, 4502, 4503, 4504, 4582, 4619, 4620, 4621, 5504, 5506, 5508, 5510, 5560, 5562, 5564, 5566, 5583, 5619, 5620, 6558, 6573, 6580, 6591, 6602;

Classroom A & B in Library's Learning Commons.

Cheng Yu Tung Building

G009A, G009B, G010

Lee Shau Kee Campus

IAS Building: Rm G005 (Lecture Theater), 1038, 2042

Business Building: Rm G001, G003, G012 (Lecture Theater), 1001, 1003, 1005, 1007, 1009, 1010, 1011, 1014, 1033, 1034, 2001, 2003, 3001, 3005